Brands under threat

Instead of research-backed education initiatives, governments around the globe are taking aim at legislating the look and feel of beloved brands and properties — a lazy and ineffective solution with little proof behind it. 

We're a membership organization working across multiple categories under threat from overzealous regulators and policymakers. Our members include associations representing categories and brands under threat of regulatory intervention, designers, brand experts and brand owners themselves. 

Why are we called "Endangered Species?" Because policy makers, lobbyists and governments are endangering the future of many of the best brands in the world by threatening to create legilsation that curtails, restricts and ultimately bans the use of branding if efforts to reduce and/or restrict consumption.


our goals

We want to:

1. Use creativity and design to protect brands, using positive and educational labelling. 

2. Help Brands and Brand Owners to protect their cultural assets and properties.

3. Create debate and positive discussion around regulation and legislation of brands.

Our movement

We want to elevate the conversation about single-interest groups to create a voice (and communications) to challenge the threats to brands and potential branding restrictions. We provide a cross-category, evidence-based mouthpiece to ensure the public are aware of the impact of regulation around the world.

We want to make sure the brands we see, feel, touch, follow and grow old with in our cultural and daily lives are allowed to continue to make a positive contribution to consumers and the economy. 


categories under fire





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Sugary drinks