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Our monthly briefings and blog aren't the only way we're communicating. Below are some of the other ways we've been advocating.

Design Hackathon Live

Watch the start of our Design Hackathon at Makerversity in Somerset House. More details at

Ron Cregan: Brands at the brink of extinction

Ron Cregan speaks about the future of branding and the dangers of heavy-handed regulation. Video courtesy of Dobre Zgodbe.

Stephen Bayley on the importance of brands and branding

Stephen Bayley talks about the importance and cultural significance of brands and branding.

design hackathon venue announcement

It's official: our upcoming Design Hackathon will take place at Makerversity in Somerset House. More details at

Ron Cregan's talk radio interview with Kevin O'Sullivan

Ron Cregan talks with Kevin O'Sullivan about branding and packaging legislation. 

Jones Knowles Ritchie speaks about Charisma

Ahead of the Global Design Hackathon, Ron Cregan visits internationally recognised packaging agency Jones Knowles Ritchie to talk about what "charisma" means to them.

Ron Cregan's Talk Radio interview with Mike Graham

Ron Cregan talks about the latest restrictions in advertising with Mike Graham.